Schonherr Kwaliteitsadvies, Irma Schonherr

Exceeding expectations

The essence of quality is to meet and exceed expectations and demands from customers. To achieve this, your business must deliver a good product, on time every time. This product has to come with an efficient financial administrative process and complaint procedures. Quality must be embedded in the whole organisation from top to bottom.

Collective achievement

Everyone in your business contributes to the quality standards, all employees must be involved. A certain sense of quality must be entrenched in everything that goes on in your organisation. If all employees strive to improve these standards, the quality of the whole business will improve as well. That makes quality management so interesting and essential to your business.

Maximising output

Delivering on quality involves agreements, people, processes and procedures. A good quality control management system is continually improving the whole organisation. Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies will implement such a system so your business will work efficient, productive and profitable, realising maximum output.

Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies implements quality control in a way that is straightforward, understandable and enjoyable. It really comes to life by involving everyone in the steps necessary. The result is employees who proudly and happily work towards quality improvements.

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