Schonherr Kwaliteitsadvies, Irma Schonherr

Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies offers advice to the food industry on quality control with a strong focus on integrated implementation throughout an organisation. The following services are always specifically targeted at your business:

  • Design, implementation, changing and improving of your quality control management system.

    Quality control management system
    Design and implementation, change or improve your quality control system (or parts of the system). Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies can map your processes and suggest improvements. Hassle free documentation preparation for a certification audit, Supplier specifications Complaints analysis, Supplier criteria or audit.

  • Design and implementation of a risk analysis.

    Risk analysis forms the back back of a management system, whether it concerns quality, food safety, environmental or work health and safety. Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies supports setting up a risk analysis for your business using Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies's own unique business tool. Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies has plenty of experience with HACCP, risk analysis and chain systems like RiskPlaza.

  • Performing internal audits, hygienic and supplier audits.
  • Training & Development

    Training for quality control officers or production workers. Suggested themes are: food safety standards, internal audits, HACCP, hygiene and allergens. All training will be custom-made according to the business' needs.

  • Project Management: implementation and support of quality control projects.

    Project management, coaching and interim.
    Don't have the resources to execute a quality control management project? Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies will step in and manage your project to achieve the set quality goals. Coaching and support of our new quality control managers or officers. Having the role of acting quality control manager or officer.

  • Coaching of quality control managers and officers
  • Interim quality control management.