Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies, Irma Schönherr


Owner and consultant Irma Schönherr graduated at Wageningen University in 1992. She has over 20 years of work experience in quality control in the food industry and in quality control management in several other industries. Irma gained much experience in food safety and quality management in agricultural food chains like fruits and vegetables, cereals and milling products, spices, oils and fats, and live stock feed products.

The goal of Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies is to improve the sense of quality within every aspect of a business. Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies has been working towards that goal since 2011.

Certified 'Quality Manager' NNK EOQ

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Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies strives to help businesses implement quality standards in a very practical manner. These standards can be integrated with sustainability, environmental and safety standards. Thanks to a substantial qualified network of relations Schönherr Kwaliteitsadvies can easily tap into a wealth of specific knowledge and experience across a range of industries, governments and peak bodies. This is where your business will benefit!

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